Hey everybody! 

So I just thought I would tell you about this weekend, seeing as I am sat here, hungover to the max with every intention of eating my own body weight in pizza and ice cream whilst watching every Disney film that I can possibly fit in. As you may or may not know, this weekend hosted the annual Grand National horse race, and being the innocent little soul that I am, I've never gambled, nor do I probably ever have the intention to do so. It's not that I have anything against people who gamble, I personally just do not understand any of it. Anyway, every year my friends have a family party in celebration of the Grand National- something to do with their grandparents being heavily addicted to gambling, and the promise of them only being allowed to gamble on this occasion each year. It's always a laugh, and we get a little merry, have some food and hang out. I love spending time with their family-- they were my second family for the last two years, but working so much means that I rarely get to see them anymore. Seeing as I have no bloody idea on what/who to put my bet on, or how much you're meant to put on etc, I just chose one called 'Teaforthree' simply because it made me fancy some tea and scones, mmm! I didn't win anything, with is typical for me seeing as I literally never win anything, but I had so much fun and it was well worth me going! 
Then, my mum has gone away to London for the weekend with her friend, and my dad works away, so me and my sister are home alone for the weekend, so she decided to throw a party. I got home and didn't recognise anyone.. There's sick in the garden, the floors are a state and there's so much drink just laying around. I guess we are lucky that everyone was decent and well behaved to an extent, and it could have been a lot worse! I don't want to say that I don't like my sister's friends, but they can be so unruly and rude sometimes, so it was nice to meet some of her friends who aren't actually like that! 

How were all your weekends? 

lots of love xo