Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jesus Christ. Im not even kidding: Today, i have faced so, so, so many rude and ignorant encounters from complete strangers. Do people just have no respect these days? You know, i dont have to serve you your bloody 'latté and flapjack' (yes, there was no pleases and thankyous.) Nor should i have to wipe up your spilt, leftover slush that you left all over the floor- yeh, thanks for the warning. Yes, it is what i get paid for, but there're such things as mannors that we all apparently posess - (personally, i beg to differ)- maybe you could use them once in a while? kthanks.
So, as if I wasn't already in a bad mood, around 25% of people that I passed in Tesco also showed the rising lack of mannors that the coffee-drinking, slush-spilling customers at work showed too. It's really not hard to control your spacial awareness and not knock me out with a baguette, or hit me with your 'Diet Coke' is it? Nor is it hard for you, (if youre in the wrong), to appologise. And the funny thing is, I apologised to them once they had hit me, as if i was in the wrong myself.. Do you ever do that? Just say 'sorry', and then walk away and think to yourself: 'yeh, youknow what, im really not sorry- you're the one that should be sorry.' Honestly! And as for the checkout girl- ohmygod. What is tesco's slogan? 'Every little helps'. She was in no such mood to help. I don't think that i ever saw her smile.. Not even a little raise of the corners of the mouth. Okay, so i know that you hate me because your sister's now-boyfriend used to have a little thing for me, but really - is that my fault? No. Is it my dad or sister's? No. So smile. It might never happen.
wow- feels good to get that off my chest!

On a more lighter note:
I went to 'May Sum' last night with Caroline, Grace and Chelsea for the first time. It was prettttty darn lovely. I like catching up with them, youknow, cos i don't see them what with being at different colleges or a different timetable.


Okay, long day tomorrow.
Update soon.

Listen to:
Usher- o.m.g.
Selena Gomez- Naturally.
(Bit cheesy, but highly addictive.)