so i'm sat here, perched on the end of my bed, undecided on whether i'm gonna throw up or not.. yes, lastnight was a goddamn successful night! It was the lovely Megan's 18th, and to celebrate, we went out for a meal in a pretty fancy restaurant, cinema, and then had a majoooor piss up! so we went to Megan's yesterday, around lunchtime, and after a couple of glasses of champagne and a lot of laughing, we set off to town. OH, and there was snow! so obviously, we got bombarded with snowballs by some shitty little chavs, making us bloody fear for our lives! okay, so a bit OTT, but seriously, they're scary! After walking around Market Square in the 'Winter Wonderland', we popped off to "Peachy Keens"- a new buffet restaurant that offers almost every type of food possible. At one point, there was chicken tikka masala, pasta, coleslaw, spring rolls and nachos on my plate- how gross?! plus, we got served! Hello malibu and coke.<3
after eating to my heart's content, we went to the cinema. :) i must say, i was more interested in the person sat next to me that i was the film.. i mean, a little harmless flirting never hurt anyone, right? it's been so long since i've done it, so it was really fun! we went to see Harry Potter, the 6th one, and the bits that i saw were very good! ;D hahaha. yum.
& then the party began. i'm not gonna bore you and talk about every little aspect of it, but i flirted, i kissed, i argued, i made up and then woke up all with the same person.. i laughed.. alot. danced.. alot. was sick.. alot. successful? i think so! so 8 shots of pure malibu, 8 shots of apple sours, 6 cherry sours shots, 3 cans of cider, 2 bacardi breezers and 4 malibu and cokes later, here i am, feeling as sick as a dog and feeling like i could sleep forever. goodtimes!


hope you're all okay btw! :)
lots of love

listen to: Olly Murrs- thinking about me.