Sunday, February 14, 2010

asif I haven't written here in such a long while! I must take this chance to appoologise tbh..

Well, it's actually 2 days til the big one-seven & i'm pretty excited! It's so crazy that 17 years of my life has gone already.. I can actually begin learning to drive. Mad! This time next year, i'll be planning on being able to legally go out drinking.. holy shit! ;)
watch out world- here i come!

I can't really say that anything interesting has been going off recently. The only thing that's on my mind is; males and i'm pretty sure that you're bored of me going on about my problems with the opposite sex all've the time.
The basics:
There's Matt at college- he's the best & i love him tbh. :)
Then there's matt from work, Tom from work - and, wait for it.. Haydn Yeates. Fancy that! Bet you didnt think you'd be seeing any more of him did you? No? Me either. :|
i like Matt (college), alot, but i cant just blow everyone else off?! Matt (work) wanted to go out for today (Valentines) for a meal. No thanks. It's too cliché! So then he wanted to go out on Tuesday -- My birthday- which is sweet, but i already have plans.. Okay, so maybe i'm avoiding him - it's better in the long-run.
Haydn - Officially declared his love for me this week. nice. Claims to have been in love with me since year 7.
so yeah. There you have it. First you have zero people liking you, there you have like 100,00.

woah- i kinda think that by writing this, my mind was already made up.

Okay-- I'm far too tired for my own liking right now & it's only the first day of the half term.
Im gonna continue this post some other time, filling you in on whatever i've missed out.


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