Good evening ladies, gents & all other funny critters!
wow, i've really been neglecting this blog recently! I mean, how long has it been since i last wrote a majorly long post, boring you all with the adventures of my meaningless, consumer-driven life? A while, that's for sure! I've just been sooo stressed with college, and ucas, and personal life etc. it's hard being an A-level student & trying to keep your life of track!
so- updates:
Sociology has been dropped. finally. hated it! I am now a student of "science and society"-- sounds the same? I know, right! It's a bit like GCSE Science-- i feel like i'm back at school. yesterday, we got to do an experiment! 'the crushed can' experiment, to be precise. I'm not gonna, lie.. i loved it! :) and Psychology is going good as well tbh- hopefully get a B overall now I only have that and English to concentrate on! -as for English: sooo. much. work. :| like, 2/3 essays a week. it's killing me! A two-page essay on feral children & their lack of language aquisition? no thanks, Heide. ;)
gotta say, im pretty lucky with my timetable this year-- I get so many frees throughout the week-- & all of Wednesdays off. woo! Can you believe that it's the half-term holidays at the end of this week already? My life is practically flashing before my eyes! Which brings me to my next topic:
The Future:
Let's be honest-- this isn't set in stone, but here's what I'm thinking: Finish college this year, hopefully with 2 B's in Eng & Psych, D in Soc AS, and then passes in General Studies & Science in Society (AS). Then possibly going to college again next year, doing a further 2 A-Levels, gaining UCAS points, & then I'll pop off to Uni afterwards! ;) sounds good? I think so anyway!
Our Matthew:
three little words:
youre a twat. haha, i joke, i joke. i love you.<3
Social life.. more importantly- KFC!:
I have a genunine constant craving for chicken strips! I could eat my own body weight in them right now. yum. I've spent the last couple of weeks thinking about the people that i intend on keeping in my life. This week, I met up with my three best friends on seperate occassions. Sometimes, though, it seems like the initial spark that brought us together just isn't there anymore.. :(
My hair:
I'm sick of my hair! I want it light brown, and i want it light brown NOW. it's so bloody annoying! I look around, and everyone's seems to look nice except from mine! :'( so unfair! it's so unruly!

-anyway, I'm gonna nip & do my homework. booo. Write soon!

ps. listen to:
Cee Lo Green- Forget you.
The Saturdays- Higher.