Xen-Tan Dark Lotion   -eBay; £23.99
Garnier No Trace Bronzeur     -Poudland; £1

I have to say that i have tried and tested around 40 different fake tanning products, and the majority of my top 10 are actually Garnier. This being said, i am in no way biased towards this.

I will start with Xen Tan. Overall, i am very impressed by this fake tanner. It leaves you with a colour that can only be found on a naturally olive-skinned individual and the longevity of it is simply wonderful. I found this product out from a girl at work who is usually around the same fairness as myself but it had looked like she'd stopped time and nipped to the Bahamas for the week, so I just had to ask her what it was and where i could get it. She told me the name of this and said that she had gotten it from House Of Fraser, but being the impatient little shit that i am, i couldn't wait until i could get to town, so i had a little look on eBay. I found this deal (£23.99) and you get a free mitt and a very small sample of 'Face tanner luxe' which i also tried. I would say that the free mitt that you get is a complete waste of time. i had read in a few reviews online that this is true, but i thought i would try it for myself. The mitt merely dries out the product and drags it around the area of application making it appear very streaky and uneven so I ended up using my hands to finish off. This was a big mistake as my hands are still very stained and dirty-looking, eventhough I washed my hands numerous times. Any way, as you are putting the product on, it leaves a browny-olivey colour behind so that you can see where you have put it which is a very good idea. The colour doesn't give too much coverage and it's not too dark, just a sunkissed brown. I found that this tan works better if you put it on before bed and leave it until the morning. 
The product itself smells distinctly like marzipan, which i think is delicious! The next morning, i put my arm against my stupidly white stomach and it looked like this:
 ew, my stomach is so gross!!! like raw chicken.
anyway, as you can see, this colour is absolutely beautiful, and so so far away from my natural colour! hehe. 
I am very impressed with this tanner. The only thing that I am not happy with is that i have a few little patches on my hands and wrists from it so i'm going to have to find a new way of putting it on and not getting patches!

Now for the Garnier one: I have to say for a quid you cannot go wrong! I don't have as much to say about this one. I only got the one to begin with, but after I had given it a try at home, i sent my sister back to get me two more. I absolutely love it! Best bargain i've gotten all year! It claims to be 'no streaks' and having applied it on my arms, chest and legs twice now, i can completely agree with it! Not a streak in sight! very, very impressed. I love the smell of all Garnier products! They are so fresh and fruity-smelling. This one is kind of half-instant and half-gradual in the sense that i doesn't wash straight off, so i was kind of impressed with that. This one is a mousse, so it spreads out so easily, and it washes straight off your hands and doesn't leave you with tanned palms so this also impressed me. 
Very, very happy with my two new buys! 

Jessiee xxxx